United States vs. Argentina: Can the host deal with the Argentinean

United-States-vs.-Argentina-Can-the-host-deal-with-the-Argentineans QQ288

Yeah, this is awesome. This has been a very good Copa America tournament involving some of the potent giants from North and South America that boast some major football talent all around the world and then it all comes down to the final four where the confident host take out the mighty Argentina that are touted as this year’s prime runner for the trophy.

This match is set to be an epic encounter where the hosts have to come better than their best in order to succeed into the Copa America finals. They have an inspirable skipper in the name of Clint Dempsey, who has led his team by some example and a really inspired the American squad that are set to give Argentina a run for their money. The 2014 world cup runner ups are blessed with horrendous firepower and enjoy the services of the little magician Lionel Messi, who is one of the greatest players of this generation. All things will be at the stake for both the teams as USA looks for a memorable performance on their home soil and Argentina will definitely want to make up to those mistakes that cost them the title last time around.

United-States-vs.-Argentina--Can-the-host-deal-with-the-Argentinean QQ288
United States vs. Argentina: Can the host deal with the Argentinean

United States vs. Argentina: Can the host deal with the Argentinean


The Argentinean team looks perfect on the cards and is a perfect example of how good a title contender should look like on paper.  They are blessed with some genuine talent in the attack that includes the wingers like Angel DI Maria and a rejuvenated Erik lamela. The strike force is where Argentina scares the hell out of any opponent as they have the likes of Sergio Augero, Gonzalo Higuain and the great Lionel Messi. The defensive line is yet to be tested, but has the experience and quality with them and apart from that, they avail the services of Sergio Romero which is a great advantage to their team.


The USA team sheet on the other hand is not as fancied as of Argentina but have some good player’s at their disposal, but the one big problem that makes it difficult for USA is that three first team players of the American team are suspended and could be headache for Klinsmann. The American team also has a strong goalkeeper in the name of Tim Howard but was not on top of his game last year. The American game very much depends on how Clint Dempsey comes up in the match.

Dialing with Messi

The one big thing on Klinsmann mind will be about how to stop the little magician with that he also has to keep an eye on other mercurial Argentinean attackers, but stopping Messiah would give a huge psychological advantage to the USA team. Stopping Messi will not be easy like that as the USA decline has to stay strong just like they have done in this whole tournament.

Argentina’s backline

This will be a huge factor that can come into the play as so far in this season the defensive line of Argentina has not been tested but USA has all the firepower that they may need to do it. Argentina’s defensive line pampered against the likes of Venezuela, which are not at the same level as that of the USA and hence the performance of the American attackers will surely matter as how well play.

Verdict: Argentina proceeds through the finals

This will be a tough test for the Argentinean team, but they will proceed through this quite easily with their brilliant performance as like they have done in the whole tournament. Messi has been in an inspired form of Argentina this term and that will be enough to rule out the American chances unless they pull something master class.

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