Latest Information About Dota2 Betting In Boston Majors

Latest Information About Dota2 Betting In Boston Majors

INTRODUCTION: The Latest Information About Dota2 Betting In Boston Majors  It’s time for another $3,000,000 in DOTA 2 Major – 1st big Valve sponsored a tournament. Since it’s their first, there will be a lot of changes like the new format and new faces among the qualifying teams.
DOTA 2 Boston Major will be held in Wang Theater, Boston, USA. It will run for seven days to start from December 3 and to end by December 10. There will be 16 best DOTA 2 teams who will attend the said event.

Because the event is just a few days away, everyone is waiting for the new exciting changes for the tournament as well as betting action to happen.


Well, there are betting sites to which you can join. First, we have the The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. It is the number one choice when it comes on E-sports betting. It has an excellent blog and its headlines are always at relevance. They are also at top of their competition in the market. If you’re a new player in them, you’ll be able to receive a starting bonus. In Betway, you can bet real money in all DOTA 2 Boston Major Matches! It has millions of bettors that use their platform every day. Their potential has been seen and realized because of their well-known sportsbook. With that, you can be sure that it is safe for you to bet on with their titles offered. One of those includes DOTA 2.

Latest information about Dota2 betting in Boston majors from the best sportsbook

Latest Information About Dota2 Betting In Boston Majors
Latest Information About Dota2 Betting In Boston Majors

Third is The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. It is one the most famous gambling companies. They also have a wide array of titles to bet on. DOTA 2 Boston odds are also among the other titles you can bet on under their E-sports section.  It has monotonous E-sports betting. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to bet on this site. It is one of the only sites with a thorough coverage of smaller tournaments. It has been a great place for E-sports bettors. It is also improving since it still continues to go strong with their blogs and analysis. It is a site that is full of out-of-date information most especially in their E-sports Betting Articles Section. However, in their E-sports Gambling Odds, they somehow present a selection of titles to choose from. It is still in progress and needs a lot of improvement.


DOTA 2 Boston Major is different now because of its format – from a double elimination bracket to single elimination. It only means that there would be no second chances in the playoff bracket. There will be 16 teams in the playoff bracket. The way they perform in group stages will be the basis on how they will be seed into the playoff bracket. Even if it is already in the single elimination mode, the rules on the previous tournaments will still be the same with the best of 3 matches and best of 5 for the grand finals.

Meanwhile Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets, having a single elimination format will put an advantage to some teams, while others don’t. In this kind of format, teams will not be able to analyze their lost matches and adapt their strategies to next matches in order when they come back in the lower bracket. Evil Genius as one of the teams that frequently loses in the upper bracket will find it hard to adjust to the new format.

There are eight invited teams who are allowed to qualify for the major. These are the Wings Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Digital Chaos, Ehome, OG, Execration, Newbee and MVP Phoenix. The qualified teams, on the other hand, are Complexity Gaming, Team NP, iG Vitality, Virtus Pro, LGD Forever Young, WarriorsGaming.Unity and Team Faceless. However, it is seen that several big names like No Team Secret, LGD, Team Liquid, Alliance, and Navi are not present on the first Valve Tournament. From all of these, Liquid seems to be too shocking since they have Miracle with them. Anyway, Liquid and Team Secret both lost to Ad Finem, a Greece team with 0-2 score.

Let’s wait and see who will be the teams to stand against each other.

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