Best Indian wrestler Narsingh Pancham Yadav

Best-Indian-wrestler-Narsingh-Pancham-Yadav QQ288

Narsingh Pancham Yadav was the best Indian wrestler and recently supported by JSW sports under the sports excellence programmed. He participates in commonwealth games and won the gold medal in men’s freestyle 74 kg category. The president of wrestling federation of India is Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh a powerful person who refused to commit a date for trials. Narsingh pancham Yadav entered the Olympics furiously in the contest of 74 kg category. In order to gain more and more information regarding this wrestling and the best wrestler than you are in need to stick with this article till the end and enjoy.

Best-Indian-wrestler-Narsingh-Pancham-Yadav QQ288
Best Indian wrestler Narsingh Pancham Yadav

Best Indian wrestler Narsingh Pancham Yadav

Narsingh the best Indian wrestler:

Obviously, narasingh pancham Yadav is the best Indian wrestler who won the 74 kg of freestyle Olympic quota last year. Narsingh directly attacked Sushil Kumar and two times Olympic medalist may create a big name in the country when it comes in 74 kg weight category narsingh is one and the best. He won the quota from the country and then it is his right to participate in the Olympics too. In the history of Indian wrestling, everyone observed that quota winner has represented the country at the games.

Those who win the medal for the country has the right to represent the highest level and narsingh returned medal-less from Olympics

Background of narsingh panchan Yadav:

Narsingh is from eastern utter Pradesh, he has one brother lived together with their parents. His father pancham is a milk distributor and his mother lived in a neema village and her looking over the 2 bigha land at Varanasi district. Both the brothers are wrestlers and have their training from his 13th age. Narsingh won the gold medal in the Asian championship in men’s freestyle 74 kg in 2010. According to his background narsingh is trained from base level and become the best wrestler. In Olympics narsingh lost his opening bout against matt gentry of Canada, the event was 74 kg freestyle event but knocked out of the tournament. Narsingh wins silver medal championship but loses his wonderful chance in finals. So he finished only second in commonwealth championship.

Recently narsingh has included in the 74 kg category in the absence of double Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar. Narsingh defeated south Korean player and entered the bronze medal.

Worlds wrestling championship 2015:

This world’s wrestling championship first round tournament done in los vegas, USA and narsingh win the Hanoch rachamin of Israel. Finally narashing won the bronze medal. Narsingh solely won the world wrestling championship medal, then he booked himself a ticket to the 2016 Olympics, but recently in contention with Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar also going to perform for the same berth.

Sushil Kumar and narsingh pancham Yadav:

The real fact is that Sushil Kumar unable to compete with Olympics, and Delhi high court dismissed the star wrestler plea for 74 kg category, so this paves the path for narsingh to participate in the quadrennial event. Sushil Kumar is the one and only Indian sportsmen who won two Olympics medals, but he will not able to     compete at 2016 Rio games, instead of him narsingh Yadav participating in the 74 categories.

Quota place winner narsingh Yadav:

Narsingh secured Olympic quota place at the world championship in las vegas only after winning the bronze medal. The two-time Olympic medal won by Sushil Kumar is only for the 66 kg division, but recently such category is abolished and it promptly moved up to 78 weight category. This category comes direct competition with narsingh Yadav, he holds the top position of Indian wrestler. Narsingh wins the India’s sole medal in world wrestling championship.

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